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Contested and Uncontested Texas Divorce and Child Custody

At the Texas, and Georgia family law firm of Johnson, Loyd & Schmitz we can help you and your family with any family law matter, using a variety of methods to arrive at a successful resolution to your case.

  • Has your marriage been contentious, your spouse unwilling to negotiate on the division of marital property? Two of our Fort Worth divorce lawyers shine in contested divorce cases. They know their way around a trial court and are completely comfortable taking an aggressive approach when that’s what’s needed to protect a client’s rights in a difficult case.
  • Do you and your partner want to work together to smooth the transition for yourself and your children? Two of our Texas family law attorneys are trained in mediation and collaborative law, which can help you arrive at a workable child custody agreement with a minimum of fuss and expense.

Many of our family law clients are young professionals, but we work with any and all families, including military families. Our founding attorney, Jeff Johnson, comes from a military family so we’re pleased to be able to serve active and retired military personnel and their spouses.

We also work with same-sex couples who, although unable to marry under Texas law, still face many of the same challenges that other family’s face.

We’re eager to help you with the joyful times in family life, such as the adoption of a child. But we’ll also be by your side through the difficulties, like the discovery of child abuse or the challenges faced by a father who is being excluded from his child’s life. We work to protect children and the rights of parents.

One of the benefits of working with a large firm is easy access to a range of legal services. When you work with Johnson, Loyd & Schmitz for your divorce, we can easily assist you with changing an existing estate plan to reflect your new circumstances.

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