Child Support Enforcement

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Following a divorce, what a party will pay in child support is determined by state guidelines and is based on each party’s income. When a spouse decides to ignore his or her child support obligations, the true victims are the children from the marriage. If your former spouse is in arrears on child support payments, you can retain us to enforce your existing child support agreement.

One effective method for child support enforcement is asking the court for an income deduction order (wage garnishment for both current and back support) against your former spouse. This ensures that your children get the support that they are entitled to. For a child support enforcement Fort Worth lawyer, arrange a free consultation with the law firm of Johnson, Loyd, & Schmitz.

Child Support Modification

As circumstances change, so too can the amount of child support that is paid. You may need to ask the court for a child support modification if you have lost your job through no fault of your own, or if you are suffering from a debilitating illness. It can be difficult to modify child support in Texas and your former spouse may choose to defend vigorously against your request. It can be done, however, and we have done it.

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