Divorce and Division of Property

Divorce Court, Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

While every divorce is going to revolve around a few key decisions – how to divide marital assets and debts, whether someone will pay or receive spousal maintenance, where children will live – how those decisions are made can be quite different.

Will it be a contest of wills requiring a carefully defined strategy and aggressive tactics in negotiation and divorce court? Or (more likely) will negotiations resemble the working of a puzzle, put together piece by piece until everything fits to everyone’s satisfaction?

One of the benefits of working with a multi-lawyer family law firm like Johnson, Loyd & Schmitzis that we have a divorce attorney who is just right for your case, whether that is a contested or uncontested Texas divorce.

You will find that we have attorneys in our Dallas-Fort Worth, McKinney and Atlanta offices who are particularly skilled at fighting difficult child custody cases, and resolving complex property division cases. And we have attorneys with advanced training in divorce mediation and the collaborative law approach.

If you begin your divorce using one strategy but find that a different strategy may work better, your lawyer can turn to a fellow member of the firm. At Johnson, Loyd & Schmitz, you’ve always got the full team on your side.

Contact our firm to schedule a consultation. Learn more about how we can help you through the challenges of a contested (or uncontested) Texas divorce, including:

  • Property division – We have worked with many couples with larger marital estates. We’re prepared to help you resolve complex property issues, including the division of a military pension, multiple pieces of real estate, or business interests.
  • Child custody and child support – We assist parents in arriving at a workable child custody agreement that protects the rights of each parent and meets the needs of every child. We are prepared to handle difficult custody cases including those that involve charges of child abuse, parental unfitness, and child relocation. Fathers, if you feel that you have been treated unfairly because of your gender, we may be able to help.

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